certitudo – Transportation


Standards Conformity

We work to the following standards

  • EN 50126: „Bahnanwendungen - Spezifikation und Nachweis von Zuverlässigkeit, Verfügbarkeit, Instandhaltbarkeit, Sicherheit (RAMS)” (Railway applications – specification and evidence of reliability, availability, maintainability, safety)
  • EN 50128: „Bahnanwendungen - Telekommunikationstechnik, Signaltechnik und Datenverarbeitungssysteme - Software für Eisenbahnsteuerungs- und Überwachungssysteme” (Railway applications – telecommunications, signalling and data processing systems – software for railway control and monitoring systems)
  • EN 50129: „Bahnanwendungen - Telekommunikationstechnik, Signaltechnik und Datenverarbeitungssysteme - Sicherheitsrelevante elektronische Systeme für Signaltechnik ” (Railway applications – telecommunications, signalling and data processing systems – safety related electronic systems for signalling)
  • EN 50159: „Telekommunikationstechnik, Signaltechnik und Datenverarbeitungssysteme Sicherheitsrelevante Kommunikation in Übertragungssystemen“ (Telecommunications, signalling and data processing systems – safety related communication in transmission systems)
  • IEC 61508 „Funktionale Sicherheit sicherheitsbezogener elektrischer/elektronischer/programmierbarer elektronischer Systeme” (functional safety of safety relevant electrical/electronic/programmable electronic systems)


Software development process

As a service provider we support you during all phases of your software development process. Our employees are highly experienced in all fields relating to the software development process for your railway specific application, test stages and also verification and validation.


Verification and Validation

Especially with regard to verification and validation we are your competent partner. We have several years of experience in verification and validation of diverse railway specific applications. In cooperation with you we will set up the optimum verification and validation strategy. We will also practically support you in implementing this within the projects.


RAMS Process

We will draw up the required RAM and safety plans with you and will carry out the RAMS activities described therein as part of the development, e.g. safety analyses for the selected architecture, the design and the source code Thus we ensure that RAMS becomes an integral part within your software development process.


Approvals Process

We check and evaluate your software development process with regard to adherence to standards and guidelines by approvals authorities. We carry out safety technical inspections and assessments, support you in setting up internal assessment departments and carry out plan checks of implementation documentation (e.g. PT2 plan checks).


What we can do for you

We ensure that your entire processes conform to standards and are state of the art and have been implemented as defined. To us it does not matter whether your software development process and the accompanying validation and RAMS activities are based the waterfall model, the V model or an agile development approach (e.g. SCRUM). We are familiar with all of them. Together with you, we will define the optimal processes for you as regards software development, RAMS and approvals.


Reference Project

The Danish State Railways (DSB) is modernising all of its control and safety technology to the latest ETCS technology across the country. This comprises 3102 km of track, 284 stations, 2342 bridges (including several balance bridges) as well as 650 trains which need to be equipped. certitudo GmbH was involved in the sub project “Fjernbane Infrastructure West“ in this upgrade, including 17 electronic interlockings, 8 radio block centres, a traffic control centre and two remote operating locations and successfully carried out the validation of the safety logic of the electronic interlocking as well as the radio block, so that this first upgraded line in North Jutland can be commissioned in the near future.